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Evolve is a brand new brand which is taking the hockey market by storm.

Our sticks are designed by the same people responsible for some of the brands you have come to know.

Evolve is everything we have learnt & everything we are working on. 
"Strive for Greatness"
  • The CG-50 (Carbon Groove 50) stick is designed for those who like sweep hitting & flicking.  
  • The carbon groove allows for easy trapping & also aid deceptive sweep hitting 
  • "Feel Resin" for outstanding response & touch 
  • Extra flex makes the CG-50 an excellent choice for those looking to move from an entry level composite stick
  • "Ultra Light Technology" gives the perfect balance & supports one-handed play
  • Silica head reduces spin when trapping the ball
  • EVA grip reduces vibration through the handle
  • 24.5mm bend at 205mm
  • Some International players like some flex in their sticks & power, the CG-50 provides both 
  • 50% carbon fabric 

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