We are located at 954 Dominion Rd Mt Roskill 1041 Auckland

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Our process:
We arrange a meeting with you to discuss your cricket and go over several points e.g.  What shots you like playing, any shots you are having difficulty with, where you score most of runs, what position you normal bat at.

  • Made right here in NZ by Hand using traditional methods
  • Bats made specifically to your unique game
  • Talk to our bat maker about enhancing your game with a unique one of a kind bat 
  • Having a custom made bat that suits your game can make the difference between scoring 10 or 100!   
  • Let our bat maker make your custom bat to take your son or daughters game to the next level!
  • All ourPro Custombats use performace English Willow. 
  • All this at a similar price to bats bought off the shelf

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