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Research suggests the taller you are, the larger your dental arch. And thus, a bigger mouthguard is required as height increases. 

Our new and improved sizing system uses the findings of extensive research and testing to suggest the proper guard for you based on how you measure up.

  • Recommended for players 180cm or taller  
  • Don't put your teeth at risk anymore!
  • Keep your mouth guard on and not in your sock!
  • 1.6mm thick.
  • Talk, breathe & drink easily  
  • Crumple zone technology
  • ISO-certified all American manufacturing
  • Extremely comfortable
  • 30% to 50% stronger than conventional mouth guards - a revolutionary technology with built in crumple zones
  • This is the mouth guard for all players that hate wearing them!
  • Perfect for rugby, hockey, roller derby, lacrosse, basketball
  • Available in many colours (Junior sizes are available in blue, pink & white. Recommended for ages 6 to 10)
  • Made in the USA BPA, Latex, PVC, Phthalate free

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