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The world is changing and with it the game we love. Zeitgeist brings balance, you will love it! This stick is for the power player who is in it to make a statement. This stick will give you unparalleled control with your strokes as well as a silken touch when dribbling and trapping the ball. This stick is all business but with a dash of flair, the improved MN-22 profile improves on the much loved Maxi-2 headshape by introducing a sturdier profile. Heed the call of the hour; embrace the spirit of the time!

The choice of Tori Anderson NZ Maori Rep 

Free Custom Hockey Fitting Service

Head Shape- Maxi-2, Bend- 22mm, Bend Position Mid-Point Special Add-Ons: CR-39, Omega 315 Core, Vibration Dampening, AHIS, PU-NC Wrap, SF Value 16

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