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The V Pro, the ultimate training net fast track batting skills includes junior training ball and 142gm cricket ball.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to set up, lightweight, freestanding batting trainer for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Learn to move, improve footwork, play the ball late and improve strike power.
  • Revolutionary boundary warms up.
  • Can be used at home, at training and at your game before you go out to bat.
  • Take your batting workout to a new level by hitting hundreds of balls a week.
  • How it works, you stand at the open end of the net and hit the ball towards the apex of the v.
  • The net absorbs the power of the shot and returns the ball to you.
  • The net allows you to hit the ball as you would in a game and you can repeat this over and over again for extended practice.
  • Can be used in all levels of cricket.
  • Scan QR code for our website, coaching drills and the v game.

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