Voodoo Unlimited

VOODOO Unlimited
Top of Pro range, unbeatable in power.
Regular shape that runs equally over the whole stick combined with an optimal balance point gives this stick its incredible feel, that made VOODOO famous. Now with even more decreased hook thickness for advanced 3D-skills
Composition: 90% Hypercarbon / 5% Aramide / 5% Glass Fibre
Bow: Regular
Colour Gold
Technology: Hyper Carbon, Softtouch, Intelligent Resin, Supa Light, Double Kevlar

Soft Touch: Custom sleeve of Twaron Aramide. This is what gives Voodoo stick their incredible feel and control.
Supa Light: Twin channel construction, custom lay-ups and ideal balance points give Voodoo sticks an extra light feel.
Double Kevlar: A double layer of Twaron Aramide added to the hook of the stick which significantly reduces wear due to the sand-filled surfaces.
Hyper Carbon: Voodoo's latest innovation, super powerful hyper carbon.
Intelligent Resin: Voodoo's exclusive innovation for the 'real feeling'.

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