Voodoo Code Red

  • Free Custom Hockey Fitting Service

  • Regular shape that runs equally over the whole stick combined with an optimal balance point gives this stick its incredible feel, that made VOODOO famous. 
  • Now with even more decreased hook thickness for advanced 3D-skills
    Composition: 85% Hypercarbon / 10% Aramide / 5% Glass Fibre
  • A softer and more forgiving feel are traits of this stick, while still boasting a power to weight ratio that many of our international field hockey players love. This field hockey stick is truly a phenomenon in field hockey design.
  • 24.5mm Bow / Regular Head
  • Our regular profile incorporates a new lighter style, but maintains the mid-shaft 24.5mm bow and even balance.
  • Soft Touch - Custom sleeve of twaron aramide - this is what gives our sticks their incredible feel and control
  • Supa Light - Twin channel construction, custom lay-ups and ideal balance points gives the sticks an extra light feel
  • Double Kevlar - A double layer of twaron aramide added to the hook of the stick which significantly reduces sand damage
  • Hyper Carbon - Our latest innovation - super powerful 'Hyper' carbon, available in all of the top series voodoo hockey sticks
  • Intelligent Resin - Voodoo's exclusive innovation for the 'real feeling'
  • Power Range: 9/10
  • Feel Range: 9/10 

Weight: 0.00 kg


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