Brabo TC7 & TC Bag

  • One Brabo TC Stick & Bag to celebrate Stephanie  Dickins playing in the Pro League Series!
  • Our Universal range as within the Tribute series there is a stick for every level.
  •  It's universal design and diversity in carbon percentages offers sticks for every price range and level of play. 
  • Are you looking for a stick with much "feeling"? Or one with great hitting power? Or a different bend curve..? 
  • The Tribute series has the stick for you! Also the Australian Internationals Brent Dancer and Jayde Taylor have chosen for the Tribute series.
  • Extreme Stiff Soft Feel
  • 3 Channel Technology 
  • Low Bow 24mm
  • 70% Carbon Reinforced 
  • Includes Brabo TC Bag 
  • Brabo Hockey TC bags are suitable to carry your hockey sticks.

    Made with quality materials & available in blue or orange 
    • The individual compartments allow you to carry sticks, clothing, shoes and shin guards.
    • Fits up to 3-5 sticks



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