Rage is distributed by Hockeyfirst who were established to introduce top quality hockey equipment into New Zealand with the latest technological advances. One of the Director’s Manesh Patel has been involved with hockey for a number of years including playing, umpiring and coaching. He also has a Master’s of Science in Polymers & Coatings Science. These attributes complement the company exceedingly well. Hockeyfirst is NZ’s only formulates of composite hockey sticks.

We are proud to be working with Rage Hockey. Rage Hockey has a world-class composite production facility which brings continuous improvements in composite hockey sticks. Rage Hockey has one of the most extensive ranges of moulds in the world, enabling them to bring minuscule variations in shape, weight and balance to suit player preferences. They have over time perfected many fiber matrix combinations so that we may control factors like flexibility, Centre of Gravity, strength etc. to player specifications. Rage Hockey is also using new and advanced nylon, polyester and ceramic RSR fibers for strategic matrix modelling and reinforcement structure.  

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