Sir Donald Bradman scores a 100 in just three overs...the year – 1931. 

The same year that another cricketing legend is born in India. 

Sanspareils Greenlands. Or SG. The now world-famous cricket gear brand...

Fast-forward to 1987. Another legend—this time an Indian—becomes the first batsman in the history of the game to score 10,000 runs. 

The cricketer? Sunil ―Sunny Gavaskar. The bat? An SG.

For the Gavaskar of yore, Dravid of today and the Raina of tomorrow, SG is cricket gear. And cricket gear is SG.

But did you know that Sanspareils Greenlands started marketing its branded cricket gear under the name SG in India from the year 1982? 

 The year they signed to make equipment for Sunil Gavaskar. Until then, everything that the company manufactured was exported to wherever the gentleman's game was played. About 30 years later, SG is not only India's #1 cricket gear brand, but the company is also the world's largest manufacturer of cricket gear.

SG manufactures everything that a serious cricketer needs: Bats (English and Kashmir willow) . . . Gloves . . . Leg guards . . . Balls (leather, synthetic, tennis and practice) . . . Body Protectors . . . Kit Bags . . . Helmets . . . Shoes . . Clothing . . . and Accessories.

SG cricket gear is virtually made by cricketers for cricketers because the company's R & D team also has access to a panel of well-known first-class and international cricketers. And the company continues to be a cricket factory to the world.

Some of the many famous names who use SG cricket gear include Rahul ―The Wall Dravid . . . Virender Sehwag . . . and Suresh Raina.

"SG, for when you believe, you become”


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